Graffiti GlassBerlin


Some see it as a form of destruction, some see it as an art form - no matter how you look at it graffiti is an permanent staple of city life. From large murals of color and style to the smallest of tags, it's all around us.

Our Graffiti Glass feature melted bits of hand pulled glass cane and string, creating a mix match of shape and form as well as color. The end effect is reminiscent of the subways of New York to the side streets of Tokyo.

Please note: Not suitable for hot beverages. Photos are only indicative. As each item is 100% hand made items will differ in height and color.

Approx. 8 cm wide x 8-10 cm tall +/- 375ml / 12.7 fl oz. Made to last a lifetime, handle with care.

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