"What are we listening to?"

Music in the studio...

Music plays a very big part in our daily life at the studio. Not only does it set the general tone, but it can also enhance the mood, speed the team up, calm us down and even brighten up the space.

We've always had music going in each of our studios. Slow jazz, foreign pop, upbeat Brit-pop... It all has a place and time.

We're asked, quite often, what songs we're playing in the studio and on Instagram, so we've created some special playlists over on Spotify that we play daily in the store that you can also enjoy as you prep dinner, fold laundry or work out.

Studio Favorites

Everyone has an opionion when it comes to the tunes we play. Although it's impossible to pick, here are a few of our favorite artists and songs:
Anders (founder, designer) - Cocteau Twins / At Last
Joe (partner, head of sales) - Ella Fitzgerald / Me and Julio...
Pia (production manager) - Alex Vargas / Ozonlag A Energi
Marte (glass master) - Håkan Hellstrøm / Du är snart där
Anastasios (store manager) - Marina / I know a Place

“Music gives color to the air of the moment.”
- Karl Lagerfeld

Seasonal Playlists

In the long dark Danish winters we like to keep things mellow, but on the positive side. Over the sunny summers we like the music just under dance party level, to keep us and our guests happy and entertained.

You can find the full combined Spring / Summer and Autumn Winter playlists below. Both lists include hours and hours of tunes, perfect for lazy afternoon on the balcony or a dinner party with friends.