The Studio


Studio Arhoj, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a small independent design and production studio run by founder Anders Arhoj.

Anders began his work in interiors and design while studying in Tokyo, Japan in 2005. After moving back to Denmark he began operating a small design studio from his apartment in Vesterbro doing graphic work, identity, branding and kids illustration - and eventually moving into the world of ceramics.

By 2013 Anders was able to officially start Studio Arhoj in an old envelope factory in Islands Brygge,
a former industrial and dockland area just outside
central Copenhagen. In 2020 the studio relocated into the heart of Copenhagen where it currently resides with a glass blowing hot shop, ceramic pottery and a flag ship store





Since pivoting to its current form in 2013 Studio Arhoj
has become known globally for our hand thrown and hand cast
ceramic items which can be found in over 200 stores around the world.

While still working in interior design, branding and illustration, the studio
has since functioned almost exclusively as a ceramics, glass and product
manufacturing studio.

Occasionally we find the time to work on projects such as designing
store interiors (Umami Mart), identity and packaging.
We also design a handful of items that are produced for us in both
Japanese, American and Portuguese factories
and sold around the world.

The team

The team at Studio Arhoj consists of many talented people:
Potters, glass blowers, glazers, customer service experts, stock & fulfillment nerds and more. All working together to create the visions of Anders the founder and also what we'd like to own and use every day in our own lives.

Along with our in-house team, we also work with a team of skilled potters in the Zealand area around Copenhagen to help us keep up with demand on our hand thrown pieces.

Occasionally Anders' parents, sister
and aunt lend a hand in the studio as well.
We are proud of being a small family owned business.

We also have a full-time studio dog called Hanx!

Our passion & production

In addition to exploring different materials and taking inspiration from our own cultural heritage of the North, the studio focuses on keeping alive traditions and knowledge about old crafts such as wheel throwing and glass blowing.

Our hand-crafted items pass in and out of our 15 kilns daily.
And through our in-studio store, which opened in 2016, visitors can witness the entire process from lump of clay to removal from the final firing.


Our work

Studio Arhoj releases new products, limited edition pieces, and new glaze combinations and colours throughout the year. We work on a daily basis in the design & production team to manufacture and develop at the same time.

Basically in order to stay creative and never get too bored.

Our glass blowing hot shop, founded in 2020, builds on this philosophy of mass producing while playing with colours and ideas that arise in the moment.

Do you want to visit us?

You can! Our Studio Design Store is open to the public to purchase all our products and observe us throw, glaze, blow and fire them behind the counter.

You can find more rare and limited stuff in our store, design collaborations and also purchase items we have collected and sourced from the world on our travels.

For opening hours and location, please click here.

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