Made with love.

Made to last a lifetime.

Ceramic items, no matter the material, can outlast generations. Jars, vases and ceramic sculptures have survived the test of time, sitting in museums and grandmas' cabinets, undiscovered tombs and caves around the world.

As long as items are treated with respect, handled with care and used appropriately, they should last a long, long time.

Of course, we understand that mistakes happen, life happens and, well, kids and cats happen.

If anything should come between your Studio Arhoj item and a long lifespan, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

While we don't offer repairs ourselves, we may have suggestions on how to best fix an item. We may also be able to offer something to ease the pain.

You can find info on how to reach us on our contact page.

Thanks for bringing one (or many) of our items into your home. We hope it brings you joy for many, many years to come.

Item Care


Glass Care

Our glass items are mouth blown or hand formed, because of this there may be small inconsistencies in each item. These inconsistencies could include bubbles, tool marks and air gaps between elements of the item.

We suggest hand washing our glass items, however, all of our tableware items can be placed in the dishwasher for the removal of stubborn stains on a gentle / low heat setting. We wash our own glasses in our dishwasher at the studio on a gentle cycle without breaking or cracking.

We do not suggest putting our mouth-blown glass items in the microwave.

Our glass items are not intended for hot beverages. As we do not use tempered glass, hot (luke warm and warmer) liquids could caues the glass to crack or elements to fall off the glass. This could even happen if the cup is in the sink and warm water is poured in.

Glass items with special care instructions will have those instructions on the product page.

Broken Glass

Should you break a glass item made by Studio Arhoj, you are welcome to bring it into our studio store in Copenhagen (carefully please!). We will recycle the glass into a new product and offer you a 15% discount towards something new.

We do not offer repairs of our glass items, but we can reuse the glass to make something beautiful out of a sad situation.

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