Keep your secret things hidden away in the mouths of these small creatures.

The Sing’s function isn't entirely specified, meaning it's up to the user to find his or her own preferred function. The Sing is watertight and can work as a vase for flowers, or as a paintbrush holder, or a secret stash for candy and keys.

Sing is also ideal for kitchen use (beans, pasta, sugar), office use (clips, pens, secret money stash) or even bathroom use (jewellery box, toothbrush holder, bud vase).

Hand-cast in a small porcelain factory in Portugal in 4 pastel glazes. Includes a raw, natural bark stoppers from Portuguese cork trees.

Small: 12 x 7,5 cm

Large: 17 x 7,5 cm

Care: Hand wash with hot water and soap.

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