Being a design studio we also want to challenge ourselves with materials other than ceramics.

Glass paperweights in the traditional half-dome shape originally came from France in the mid 1800s but were later picked up by fine glass artisans in Italy.

"Decorative glass paperweights fit easily into the hand and are actually meant to be handled and viewed from various directions through the dome, which acts like a lens to make the design change in its appearance with its movements in an attractive way" (source: Wikipedia)

Use the weight to keep your papers in place on your desk against a sudden breeze through your study or for decorative purposes around your house. The way the light bounces around in the crystall glass - especially when the sun is low on the sky - is hypnotic.

Pressed in high quality crystal glass in a factory in China and with a bottom covered in soft, black velvet for secure placement. Our logo is stamped on the velvet in gold paint.

Size: 10 cm wide

Weight: 650 g (heavy in shipping!)

Care: Wipe with dry cloth

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