Inspired by a fortuneteller's crystal ball we designed a money bank for grown ups:

The Orb (from latin orbis = circle) is hand-cast in rustic high-fired stoneware and garnished with many different glazes.

Our Orb glazes are constantly switched up and experimented with guaranteeing that each one is unique. The way the clay and glaze combine in the kiln is completely unpredictable.

Orb functions not only as a money bank, but also as a piece of clean, geometric sculpture – a classic Scandinavian design product made of honest, natural materials. The stoneware Orb fits in at both a rustic summer home or a sleekly decorated living space.

Hand-cast in rural Denmark by Anders' dad and hand-glazed in our studio in Copenhagen.

Size: 13 x 15 cm

Care: Wash with hot water and soap. Wipe cork stopper with damp cloth.

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