Melting Mug

A decade long obsession with the physical clash between thick glazes and exposed unglazed porcelain came together in the Melting Mug.

The design of this mug is based on the classic Japanese yunomi, an everyday tea mug, as seen in most traditional restaurants and kaiten sushi bars.

Each Melting Mug is hand-cast in white porcelain and and dipped in an uncontrollable glaze - some have long drips, some have short. You never know what you get until you open the practical cardboard box in which the Mug arrives.

Hand-cast and glazed individually in a small porcelain factory in Portugal.

Size: 10,5 x 8 cm

Care: Hand- or machine wash.

There's a sight danger of breakage in the microwave due to sudden temperature changes so please be careful with extreme temperature changes. Boiling (100 C warm) water is also not great, please wait 1 minute for the temperature to lower before you pour it into the mug.

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