The tiniest Tokyo Series item..

The Nip Cup

What is it and how is it made?

The Nip Cup is hand cast, one at a time, in white porcelain. It has to dry for four or five days (depending on the climate), gets a bisque firing (to rid the porcelain of all moisture) is glazed and then fired once more.

All in all, it takes just over a week to make each Nip.

The beautiful cup comes to life in over 40 different glaze variations, each one hand glazed in our Copenhagen studio.

Small in size, big in function.

Many have used the Nip as their childs first ‘grown up’ cup, allowing children to join in on the colourful fun while not holding enough liquid or snacks to enable big spills. It’s also a fun tool for teaching kids to be careful with your ceramics.

The small Nip makes a fantastic sauce dipping cup. It can be found serving this function from time to time at Copenhagen’s famous Alchemist restaurant. At home you can line up your favourite sauces in your collection of Nip Cups and get to dipping those fries.

The Nip also makes a nice little spice pinch pot and looks great in the centre of your table or near the stove.

The small size also enables the Nip to hold a regular tea light candle perfectly, offering a cozy alternative to stick candles.

Other uses: earring / ring holder, bobby pin holder, teabag rest, paint dipper, the list goes on...

Design and Use

The shape, in line with our other Tokyo Series items, has smooth rounded edges and straight walls. The design allows glaze to fall vertically when firing, running just far enough down the cup to give the glaze a good lip.

Initially designed as an egg cup, we adjusted the size so it also works as a large shot glass, holding good portion of sake or snaps.

As an egg cup, nearly all varieties of chicken eggs sit well atop the cup, with room at the bottom to hold heat and to place your shell bits as you peel.

When used as a shot glass the thick glaze and porcelain helps keep the liquid cool. Its size makes it easy to pick up with two fingers and contains just enough liquid for one big gulp.

All about...

The Tokyo Series

Our first major collection of tableware, the Tokyo Series, is inspired by sleek and simple Danish design, the shared Japanese and Danish craft of ceramic production and the colorful, fastpaced and futuristic culture of modern Japan.

All items in the series are hand cast in porcelan and hand glazed, one at a time, in our Copenhagen studio. Typically available in 40+ glaze variations, the series has grown and been expanded upon since 2014.

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