Win a Gift Card!

Did you recently receive an order with a special sticker on the outside? Boxes with "Win a Fab Gift Card" stickers on them have a chance at winning an digital gift card!

To enter the monthly drawing you must post a photo, reel, TikTok or tweet on social media, use the #arhojdrop hashtag and tag us (@studioarhoj). We'll go through the entries once a month and award one 500kr or two 250kr online gift card(s) to the post(s) we like the most.

If you do not hear from us within 30 days of placing your order, you have not been selected.


- Entry just be posted within 30 days of placing the relevant order on
- Entry must be tagged (@studioarhoj) and use the hashtag #arhojdrop
- Post must include one item from the relevant order
- Entrant must be able to provide their order number if selected

Anyone on earth who has recently placed an order is welcome to participate.

Thanks for sharing!
Good luck!