Arhoj IncenseSandalwood - 10 Sticks


Hand dipped by a family owned company in Maine (USA) since 1931, these sticks are made using only environmentally friendly and all natural ingredients. While each stick packs a punch, they aren't overly scented, nor do they smell of 'fake' scents or chemicals.

Sandalwood is known the world over as a calming and woodsy scent. It can commonly be found in shaving and hand soaps, as well as lotions and spas. The sticks work perfectly in our hand formed glass Pebbles.

Note: Never leave burning incense/candles unattended or burning in a breezy window. Keep out of reach of children, pets and flammable items. To stop the stick from burning, dip the tip in a small amount of water. Can be used again after it has dried.

Pack contains approx. 20 sticks around 26cm in length.

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