Sip Cup

Here in the studio we love mugs almost more than anything. - It's the archetypical pottery item of which you can never have enough in your kitchen cupboard!

Designed out of the need for a smaller mug that fit on our office espresso machine this cup is perfect for a small cup o’ joe, an espresso or creamy cortado.

Sip Cups are all glazed in a wide range of colourful, high-fire glazes of which we experiment with all the time. Each cup is unique - pick and assemble your own collection of your favourite colours and textures for your morning coffee or evening tea ritual.

Hand-cast in white high-fire porcelain in Portugal and glazed in our Copenhagen studio.

Holds 140 ml.

Size: 7 x 6,5 cm

Care: Sip Cup: Hand- or machine wash.

The white porcelain actually looks clean and nice after a machine wash!

There's a slight risk of breakage in the microwave due to sudden temperature changes so please be careful. Boiling (100 C warm) water is also not great, please wait 1 minute for the temperature to lower before you pour it into the mug.

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