Paine's IncenseMeadow - 20 Sticks


Produced by Paine's of Auburn, Maine (USA) since 1931, these hand dipped sticks are made using only environmentally friendly and all natural ingredients. While each stick packs a woodsy punch, they aren't overly scented, nor do they smell of 'fake' scents or chemicals.

The lovely sent of spring. Meadow has a light and flowery scent, fresh and delicate spring flowers, green grass and crisp morning dew. Try the sticks in our hand thrown stoneware Smoke Mountains.

Note: Never leave burning incense/candles unattended or burning in a breezy window. Keep out of reach of children, pets and flammable items. To stop the stick from burning, dip the tip in a small amount of water. Can be used again after it has dried.

Pack contains approx. 20 sticks around 26cm in length.

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