Ocular Vase - Large

Echo Cloud

Are you seeing what I'm seeing? The Ocular vase is a stunner. Mouth blown in our Copenhagen studio, the vase features swirls and spots of colors in dreamy combinations and patterns. The Echo Cloud Ocular Vase is blown in our in-studio hot shop using recycled 'waste' glass. Instead of trashing our mistakes and broken pieces we melt them down to create this dreamy vase. The mixed glass gives the finished product a faint blue tint and contains small bubbles and bits.

Each vase is made individually, one at a time, in our hot shop. No two will ever be exactly alike. 

Please note: Handmade glass may contain small irregularities in texture and color. 

Approx. 21 x 20 cm Our items are made to last a lifetime, handle with care.

€ 200.00

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