Porcelain Care

Unglazed porcelain surfaces, such as the matte white areas on our Sip, Slurp and Plates, are sometimes susceptible to light stains, unlike glazed porcelain. Frequent washing can help remove and prevent staining. We suggest hand washing, however, our cups can be placed in the dishwasher for the removal of stubborn stains. You can also place the item in a bowl of warm water with a detergent tab. Very stubborn stains and spots can sometimes be removed with diluted chlorine and lime remover.

Dark lines in the glaze (usually caused by silverware) can be removed with vienna lime chalk powder. Grease stains on matte glaze can be removed with baking soda and water. 

If greasy fingerprints appear, rub the exposed porcelain with food safe oils, let sit, then clean with soap and water.

We suggest that you let boiling water sit for a moment before pouring it into our cups. Pouring boiling water directly into a cool cup may cause the glaze to crack.

Earthenware Care

Almost all of our Ghosts and Pen Holders (and some of our Lava People) are made of earthenware. Earthenware items are not hi-fired, meaning they remain porous and are not water safe. Earthenware items are not meant to be used as vases or for food consumption. 

Placing water in an earthenware item could cause it to crack and/or mold.

To clean an earthenware item simply wipe it with a dry cloth. Using water, oil or a wet cloth could discolor the clay.